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NOW booking Bridal and Baby Showers. See new Schedule and Pricing under the tab “WHAT’S NEW? Can’t wait to have you out!

The motto we live by on Tuscan Hill, and what we want to offer our guests, is “low-to-no-stress”. Our vision is for Tuscan Hill to be a blessing to all who come through our gates! As you plan your event, you may find that 4 hours is all you need or you may need a full day. If having complete flexibility and freedom from stress is high on your wish list, you may want to book time on more than just 1 day.

Whatever time you choose, we want to provide you with exactly what you need to bring your vision alive! We want your planning to be pleasant, your efforts to be enjoyable, and as you, friends, and family paint the canvas of your wedding with Tuscan Hill as your backdrop, you realize you are moving through those hours unhurried, feeling complete peace, joy, and loving every minute of it!



Effective 1/5/15, we’ve made it really simple! … . $250/HOUR!
You are in control. Choose the time you need and want!


—– The fine print: ——

  • Price drops to $210/HOUR for hours booked in excess of 9 hours.

  • Need a Saturday evening? At least 9 hours must be booked.

  • Need a Friday evening? At least 7 hours must be booked.

  • Need a Mon - Thurs anytime, or Fri or Sat morning into early afternoon? At least 3 hours must be booked.

  • For couples with fewer than 50 guests, call or text to request our “Intimate Wedding Pricing”.

  • We typically only book Sundays that fall on a holiday weekend such as Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day.


Want to review our “CREME de la CREME” package that spans a few days for $7,250? Call or text us.


We have helped host almost every type of small party event imaginable including Bridal and Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, Small Business Meetings, Graduation, Retirement and Christmas Parties. We have also been selected as a site to be used for filming interviews for The History Channel, cooking demonstrations for a women’s ministry, and video clips for performing bands. And so, the price varies greatly on type, size, and complexity. But for an example, we are commonly asked for Bridal or Baby Showers and we charge $35 - $45/hour. Please call or text for your specific request.

Tuscan Hill, 5808 E. Farm Road 116, Strafford, Missouri 65757